Methodology of Archaeological Simulation. Meeting of the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation

Iza Romanowska, Joan Anton Barceló, Florencia del Castillo


Following its creation at the CAA2014 in Siena the Special Interest Group in Complex Systems Simulation invites all researchers with an interest in computational modelling to join the discussion on the challenges and potential of simulation in archaeology.

This year the main focus of the meeting is on the methodology of simulation. Topics will include but are not limited to:

1. Model and Simulation: from Virtual Reality to Complex Systems Simulation.

2. Modelling Techniques: the world of options beyond Agent-based Modelling.

3. Constructing the Ontology: what goes in and what goes out in a model?

4. Testing and Validity of Simulations: how do we know which model to trust?

5. Best Practice in Model Design: ODD protocol, code sharing, replication.

The roundtable will consist of a series of lightning talks on the particular methodological challenges of modelling complex systems given by experts in archaeological simulation, followed by a roundtable discussion open to the audience.