Teaching archaeology in the digital age

Karsten Lambers, Hans Kamermans


This session builds on a well-received session at the 2015 conference in Siena, Italy, in which the topic of teaching was addressed for the first time after many years at CAA.
As the Siena session showed, teaching archaeology in the digital age entails various challenges, e.g. to integrate new topics into proven degree programs, to employ new learning environments, to adapt degree programs to the requirements of rapidly changing labor markets, and not least to bridge the Digital Native / Digital Immigrant divide between teachers and students. These challenges are currently met in a variety of different ways and contexts. In many countries, digital archaeology as a teaching topic and/or digital teaching aids in archaeology degree programs are not yet widely common.
Focusing on higher education teaching (undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs), this session is intended as a forum for practitioners mainly from universities who design, implement and evaluate degree programs in archaeology that focus on digital archaeology and/or employ digital teaching environments for educational purposes. The aim is to exchange ideas and experiences and to give examples of good practice in order to encourage new approaches to teaching archaeology in the digital age.