Roman archaeology and GIS visibility studies (POSTER)

Mar Zamora Merchán


Poster Abstract:

Since the introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in archaeology, the study of visibility from (and around) a particular viewpoint has been one of the most popular GIS applications. This poster deals with the study of visibility through GIS in Roman archaeology.

The poster will show a numerical (and graphical) review of GIS visibility applications in roman archaeology (viewshed, Line of sight (LOS) and related tools).
The main aims pursued are as follows:
- identifying preferred application contexts;
- to assess the impact of this kind of GIS tools in the research of the Roman period.

Papers published on the past CAA proceedings will have a particular treatment.

The poster is intended for researchers interested on viewshed and related tools, specially for those working on Roman archaeology, and also for students involved with GIS learning (since an array of different GIS applications related to visibility studies will be mentioned).