An essay of mapping archaeological land-record system used by Inrap with CIDOC-CRM and CIDOC-CRMarchaeo extension using 3M on-line tool

Christophe TUFFERY, Achille FELICETTI, Patrick JARD, Nicolas HOLZEM, Thomas GUILLEMARD


During a summer school on the CIDOC-CRM organized by the PIN of 21 to 25 July 2015 in Prato for the ARIADNE program(1), we have had the opportunity to use the CIDOC-CRMarchaeo extension (2). The aim of the summer school was to work effectively with a set of our own data field and try to match fields between archaeological land registration systems used by Inrap and those of CIDOC- CRM.
We had the opportunity to use the 3M application (Memory Mapping Manager), an online tool developed by ICS (3), which controls whether archaeological data can be matched with the CIDOC CRM model.
We tested the matching process with two fields of archaeological land recording systems used by Inrap (one based on Access and another on FileMaker Pro). Then we did the same with a prototype application on development by Inrap. This is an interface using Google Chrome, SQLite, JavaScript and HTML5, and witch aims to allow data exchange with the two previous land registration systems mentioned above. Working with the on-line application 3M (4) allowed assessing whether two of the main archaeological entities (the stratigraphic units and archaeological facts) can be matched with the CIDOC CRM model and CIDOC-CRMarcheo extension.
The work demonstrated the 3M on-line tool meets the needs of matching fields of archaeological recording systems tested with classes Model CIDOC-CRM and especially its CIDOC-CRMarchaeo extension. This matching procedure has demonstrated the ability to assess whether an archaeological land recording system may or may not be considered as matching with CIDOC-CRM models and how to adapt it to conform if it doesn’t initially. Therefore new tests will soon be conducted with other land archaeological recording systems used by Inrap.

(3) Institute of Computer Science (, Forth Foundation, Greece