Forum Boarium Survey

Sabrina Amaducci


Forum Boarium survey

Forum Boarium was the original trade centre of Rome. From the beginning it has been a very important area of the city. It was studied for a long time, although there are issues to be clarified and investigated still today. This forum is the site of very important temples, the portus Tiberinus and the defensive structure of the city. This doctoral research project is the study of the relationship between the most important areas of this region. Realizing a 3D model of the structures of this area, I will explore and reconstruct this relationship and the real route of Triumphal procession in Forum Boarium.
One of the well-known theories about the procession in this place and the localization of the porta Triumphalis, is that it maintains the structures discovered between Fortuna and Mater Matuta temples, belong to the ancient Porta Triumphalis.
There are important architectural aspects of my thesis that are clearly visible in a 3D environment, but cannot be studied in a 2D maps.
Effectively, thanks to 3D modelling, it is possible to evaluate a thesis and to understand if it is feasible or not, and I believe that this is a great support for archaeological research.
In my Master’s of Art thesis, during the realisation of a model of the structures in S. Omobono sanctuarial area, I could see that the space among the temples was not enough to house in a triumphal door.
I am now developing the S. Omobono twin temples reconstruction, basing on the recent archeological survey and studies, made from Sovraintendenza Capitolina and University of Michigan in collaboration.
The scope is to obtain a quite truthful reconstruction, that can help us to understand those aspects of buildings and ancient life in Fortum Boarium that have not been completely explained jet.