The Emergence and Formation Process of the La Tène Culture Settlement System in Upper Silesia (Southern Poland and Northern Czech) in Light of the Simulation Modelling.

Jan Zipser


The paper presents findings of research regarding recreation of the processes involved in the taking up of the Upper Silesian area (Southern Poland and Northern Czech) by the La Tène culture settlement, as well as in the formation of its structure, in the context of already existing theories.
Two diffusion simulation models were applied (Probabilistic Model for Residential Growth – also called UNC Model and Intervening Opportunities Model) in relation to the theories regarding the direction of the settlers’ influx; the hypothesis referring to the reasons behind the emergence of the presently known settlement pattern; and the interactions between the potential environmental conditions and the detailed course of the settlement system expansion.
The introduction of the two simulation modelling procedures into the research of the La Tène culture settlement in the studied area demonstrated high statistical correlation with the mapped, prehistoric settlement system of the La Tène culture. It also brings respectable basis for interpretation of the settlement processes, not only in the studied case, but presumably also of other prehistoric cultures in different geographical conditions or cultural landscapes.