Fasti Surveys

Elizabeth Fentress, Michael Johnson, Florence Laino, Stuart Eve


The Fasti platform has proved so useful for the quick registration and retrieval of excavations in participating countries that we have decided to clone it for other types of data, creating a trinity of Fasti applications – Excavation, Conservation and Survey. Of these, Fasti Archaeological Conservation has been easily fit onto the original model, substituting conservation projects for sites, and objects for the excavations. Fasti Survey presents other challenges, however, including the serving of polygons for regional surveys, crowd sourcing, and very unequal projects. We have thus devised a two-level website, in which the first, like Fasti Archaeological Excavations, simply provides an overview of each project, complete with its bibliography. We have an enormous head start in the sharing of the data from 320 projects already compiled by the project MAGIS (Mediterranean Archaeology GIS, generously shared with us by Pedar Foss and Rebecca Schindler. The second level will serve data from participating projects. The Fasti Excavation data is mapped to CIDOC-CRM(Archaeo) and the Survey application will benefit from this and the new terms that it introduces. For project data in the second level, contributors will be responsible for mapping their data model to the CIDOC-CRM spine.